Looking For Hang Tags and Roll Labels for Juice Bottles?

If you’re a juice lover, and let’s face it, who isn’t, then Pascalyna is a brand you need to look into. Nature intended us to consume fruits for total wellbeing, and didn’t intend us to add all manner of extras into our drinks. By doing that, you’re not gaining the benefit, and therefore, what is […]

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cannabis flower packaging

Cannabis Flower Packaging

When selling a product, no matter what it is, packaging is vital. It needs to be many things, but it needs to be eye catching above all else. In the cannabis industry there is a lot of competition. You want to promote your product and entice customers to purchase from you and not the people […]

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cannabis canada packaging

What You Should Know about Canadian Regulations on Cannabis Packaging

Health Canada recently talked about its planned packaging and labelling requirements for cannabis. This came on the federal government’s public consultation on legalization. According to the summary provided, the vast majority of those who took part were in support of the proposed regulation. The statistics were first seen in Health Canada’s November 2017 consultation paper. […]

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Packaging Printing Products

Custom Packaging: New Premium Packaging from NewPrint

Get ready to boom your business’s growth and add flare and function to your packaging lineup without complication or confusion! NewPrint’s line of New Premium Packaging Products brings new and attractive ways to catch a customer’s eye, keep their attention, and entice them to the till. Each new item brings a new way to package, organize, […]

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Hang Tags: 20 Examples to Glorify Your Product

You may think hang tags aren’t very useful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The hang tag of your product is often the first thing a customer will look for when they see your product. Of course it’s your beautiful product that will catch their eye, but if the tag they read doesn’t live up […]

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24 Inspiring Ideas for Packaging Labels.

Packaging isn’t complete without a label. Whether it says the name of the brand, how to use the product, or a simple thank you to the buyer, there will always be a label. Many people look forward to reading the label so they can find out as much info as possible about what they’re buying, […]

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Wedding Invitations: An Inspiring Collection Designed by Canadian Designers

It’s wedding season and couples everywhere are planning their big day. Wedding invitations are the first impression of the wedding that the guests get, making them one of the key components for setting the wedding theme. Take a look at these beautiful, inspiring and unique wedding invitations all designed by Canadian designers. Designer: Hillary Twa, Edmonton These invitations […]

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Wine Boxes Packaging Printing

7 Brilliant Packaging Design Tips and Tricks

When you’re designing packaging, you know it needs to do more than simply hold a product. It needs to connect with consumers (maybe even enticing them to buy), give important information, and probably even meet legal requirements… and that’s just the start! We’ve laid out these seven savvy packaging design tips and tricks to help […]

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Print on Plastic

Why You Should be Printing on Plastic

Printing on plastic isn’t anything new, but it may be new to you. And it’s something you should seriously consider doing if you want to both save and make more money. Save Money by Printing on Plastic Paper, and even more durable cardstock, isn’t as robust as plastic. That means it’s much easier to destroy things printed […]

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Flyer Printing Ottawa

Maximizing Profits With Best-In-Class Advertising Flyers

Every business uses them, yet many still struggle to measure the impact of these marketing materials. Creating advertising flyers is easy. Making them effective is another art altogether. Don’t just spend your money on marketing because everyone else is. Make time to check your design for these eight common mistakes before sending it to press. […]

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