12 Interesting Travel Print Ads


Almost everyone has the itch for travel at this time of year! We all wish we could get away from winter and escape to somewhere warm. So it seems to be a perfect time to share some travel print ads that we find interesting. With no further ado, here are 12 travel print ads which we just had to share:

1. Zoo Safari

This is one of the most exciting travel print ads! Just the idea of seeing a lion out of the car window raises your heart rate!

Travel Print Ads

Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/lion-show/

2. Cruise Plus Brasschaat

Seeing something lovely reflected in such clear water is enough to make us want to get on a boat!


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/another-view-on-traveling/

3. Fort Meyers Sanibel

This ad features pretty art, high levels of creativity, and a beautiful message.


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/capture-the-moment-5/

4. Terra

It’s not so much what this image “says” but what it feels like, making this ad high-impact.


Source: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/terra_travel_dentist

5. Evergreen Travel

This is one of those travel print ads that really gets the point across…even if it makes us feel a bit ill.


Source: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/evergreen_travel_nail

6. British Airways

This ad is creative and gorgeous! And we like what it says.


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/the-goodbye-winter-sale-2/

7. Cathay Pacific

This travel ad perfectly captures what everyone wants on a flight: comfort and a lot of space.


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/the-new-business-class-2/

8. White Collar Hippie

While it may take a moment to figure out what this ad is for, it gets your attention.


Source: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/white_collar_hippies_how_to_make_a_bomb

9. Viajes Éxito

This is one of those travel print ads that make you wonder, “why aren’t I there?”


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/you-are-not-here/

10. Thalys

This ad’s concept makes train travel seem so hip and stylish.


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/closer-3/

11. Air Asia

The humor in this ad makes it a winner!


Source: http://www.creativeadawards.com/see-the-best-of-britain-2/

12. Caucaia

This city seems like an ideal place for work and play. And if you have to work over holiday, this beach may be an ideal office.


Source: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/caucaia_city_business_and_travel

13. Your travel print ads?

We admire smart, beautiful design, but there are so many other great travel print ads out there–and there are many more ads of all kinds to come. If you need a print ad of your own, our poster printing can help make your art look as captivating in print as it does on your designer’s screen.


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