5 Reasons to Use Free Template Designs


Free template designs are a fantastic solution for most businesses and organizations. They provide several benefits, and each of these are a reason why you should use free design templates, like those with tons of free templates and design ideas, for your upcoming print project. We think, however, that there are five notable reasons to use these templates.

Newprint free template designs - Brochure

1. Free template designs save time

Design work takes time. It doesn’t matter if you are talented enough to do your own design work or if you have hired a graphic designer; creating professional, polished design can be a time consuming process. Free template designs are all ready to go–they just need your information. Instead of waiting days, weeks, or months for a custom design to be completed, it may only take you a matter of mere minutes to fill out your template. This is even more beneficial if you are creating something for a time sensitive upcoming promotion, as using templates mean your materials will be printed and shipped out to you even sooner.

2. Design templates save money

Free template designs don’t cost a lot–as the name implies they are free! You only pay for the printing. Custom design work by a graphic designer is not free, however. Even if you are the one doing the design, you spend time doing graphic design, and this could be time you would spend doing other activities that may have made you money.

3. Templates are professional

There are many people who aren’t graphic designers who think they can do great design for their business or organization. Sometimes this works out, but most of the time the result is very unprofessional looking. It could be the bleed is not defined or there may be other problems setting up your formatting. Handing out printed materials that don’t look professional can undermine your credibility and make you look less serious about what you do. Your message won’t be heard loud and clear if your current or potential clients or customers aren’t sure if you are a legitimate organization that takes itself even somewhat seriously. Professionalism in everything related to your business is important, and these free template designs let you be more professional with your printed materials.

Free Template Designs - Business Card

4. Free template designs are consistent

Branding is big in business today. You want people to know who your business is and what it’s about, a consistent message is a big part of this effort. Having printed materials that match up and have a similar image is part of branding, and you can do this for free with design templates. Many free template designs, like those in our Designer Gallery  have similarly styled templates across several products. You can use templates to produce business cards, envelopes, letterhead, brochures, and more that all have a consistent theme.

5. Design templates are easy

So much about running a business or other organization is difficult! The more you can simplify what you do day in and day out, the more you can have energy for important challenges that come up and for enjoying your day outside of work. Using free design templates is quick, easy, free, and very beneficial for your marketing and promotions efforts–many would call them a no-brainer! Simplicity is my favourite reason for using free template designs for any print project.

Free template designs - Postcard

What’s your favourite template?



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