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Sustainable Design and Environmentally-Friendly Printing

Sustainable Design and Environmentally-Friendly Printing

Do you ever wonder what your firm could do for the environment? Sustainable design is one way to help the environment and encourage others to do so as well by your example. Sustainable Design (what’s it all about?) The intention behind sustainable design is to use sensitive and skillful design to completely eliminate any negative […]

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Science and Tech

NewPrint.ca is Proud to Sponsor the 4th Annual Science and Tech Soirée

  NewPrint is pleased to sponsor the 4th annual Science and Tech Soirée. This year, the theme of the event will interpret  Lights, Camera, Action!  by presenting artifacts pulled from the Museum’s collection. These artifacts will include cameras, camera equipment, movies and photography. This year the event should be an exciting and educational evening for adults, with fine […]

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Serif vs Sans-Serif fonts

Serif vs Sans-Serif Fonts: The Final Battle

The final battle between Serif vs Sans-Serif fonts. This argument has been raging for decades within the scientific and typographic communities on what seems a very insignificant issue: Do serifs contribute to the legibility of typefaces, and by definition, are sans serif typefaces less legible? Here’s a neat infographic that explains the differences between the two types of […]

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Rihanna Ottawa sens jersey

From Alfie to Rihanna, Ottawa senators’ heritage jersey designed by our very own local designer is showcased by many.   “By now, nearly every Icethetics reader knows his name. In 2008, JACOB BARRETTE took up the cause of fixing the Ottawa Senators’ third jersey. The team’s design was widely panned and in a ranking conducted on Icethetics last […]

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10 exclusive playing cards designs

The art in playing cards designs Playing cards designs have been with us since the 14th century, when they first became a part of popular culture. Over the centuries superb artwork, graphic design and self-expression has been hidden within packs of cards. Here we bring to light and admire these miniature treasures. Student spotlight : […]

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Folding Types for Printing: A Beginners Guide

There are literally dozens of variations of folding types, some simple and others as complicated as origami. Shown here is a sampler of different folding types. Although there are too many variables to provide a reliable cost comparison, it can generally be assumed that the more difficult the fold, the longer the production time and […]

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Sticker Label Residue Gunk Removal

Removing Label Glue and Getting Rid of Sticker Gunk

We are professional printers, so we think about labels and stickers a lot. Our team has spent a lot of time being sure that our labels are sticky and strong. However, there are times when labels need to come off, and we’ve had some of our customers ask us about what the best way to […]

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Door hanger Sample Preview 1

Door Hangers for Effective Spring Marketing – Top 5 List

As we have been paying attention to trends in the printing industry when it comes to marketing, there are a lot of products that we’ve seen that seem to be effective. Calendars with lolcats are often popular choices for all, but there are other materials that can be even more beneficial. How impactful these other options […]

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Label Printing

Label Printing: Helping Your Company Create Repeat Business

                    Using Labels to Create Repeat Business Labels are a great business tool, especially when it comes to creating repeat business. Of course, labels in and of themselves aren’t a magnet for repeat customers; it really depends on how you use them! The following are just […]

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brochures, flyers, postcards, booklets

Welcome to Newprint’s Printing Blog!

Welcome to the NewPrint Blog! Everyone here at NewPrint is excited to announce our new printing blog! These pages will be devoted to all things related to graphic design and the print industry. We hope to become a go-to source for information about the printing industry, printing products, graphic design, marketing, and so much more! […]

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