Design Online Folders to Solidify Your Brand


Businesses need to consider custom design online folders and other materials to retain existing customers and get new clients.

Modern businesses are constantly changing with innovations in technology evolving at an incredibly fast pace, changing market trends and consumer behaviors in just a short period of time. This creates a need to recreate traditional business models and marketing techniques. People spend more time on their computers and smartphones, and marketing strategies have to be innovated in creative ways to capture attention and keep it–not an easy task with the short attention spans we’ve developed. Online marketing like websites and social media and traditional marketing materials and printed products need to be more eye-catching than ever. Plain is out, and brands and businesses need to consider custom design online folders and other materials to make them be brand-specific.


Why design online folders for your brand

Customizing the design for traditional marketing materials help businesses propagate their brand and message. Solid, tangible items need to “say” the same thing to clients or customers that the online presence does. One popular avenue for effectively showcasing your brand is through presentation folders.

You need to design online folders with a lot of thought because these collect packets of information for your clients. Whether you are presenting a proposal, delivering your work, or simply giving prospective customers more information about your business, the folder is the vehicle. This is another first impression, as the folder may well be the first time the client is presented with what you do and who you are, and you want that first impression to be strong, speaking directly to your brand and what you are all about!

Even if you use the folders in-house, you want to design online folders that speak to who your business is and what it stands for. As your employees or prospective employees receive these as human resources packets, for instance, they get another representation of your brand. Of course, you want to put your brand across to customers, but this is even more important with your employees–the more they see your brand represented visually on folders and other materials, the more they will end up absorbing it and hopefully embodying it.


Design online folders effectively

You want to design online folders that show off your brand, but you also want them to look professional. They should embody who you and your firm are, but they should be well-designed and thought-out. This will show that your firm has attention to detail, takes itself seriously, and is more credible. To do this, you may want to work with a graphic designer and then order your folders online, but there is a quicker, less costly option as well.

You can design online folders using pre-made templates. Newprint has a whole gallery of free design templates. These templates are professionally done, and they provide the look of a custom design without the waiting time and the price associated with hiring a designer. There are templates for a wide array of industries and products, which means there are excellent odds that something will fit your brand. However, as you design online folders, remember to add personal touches, like your business’s information and most importantly, of course, your brand’s logo.



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