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Using Labels to Create Repeat Business
Labels are a great business tool, especially when it comes to creating repeat business. Of course, labels in and of themselves aren’t a magnet for repeat customers; it really depends on how you use them! The following are just a few of the ways which we’ve seen labels used effectively as a tool for cultivating repeat business.

Labels should be stuck on the stuff you sell.
If you sell products, you should put your own labels on them, especially if you sell products made by someone else. These should be reorder labels with your business name and contact information. When you put these on products, your customers and anyone who receives these items as a gift knows where they came from; if they want to get another one they know where to go. This is quite handy if you sell cosmetics, food products, body products, and anything else that can run out because your customers may need to reorder when they run out!

Labels should go on the stuff you make too.
If you make things either to sell wholesale or retail, you probably already put some sort of label on it. Just as with the example above, this label should have your contact information on it so that people know where to go if they want some more! If you create hand crafted products and sell them online or at craft fairs, this goes double for you, as which may be your best option for marketing and creating word of mouth buzz.

Brand everything you give out with labels.
Even if you sell a service, your business name, logo, and contact information should be on everything you hand over to a client. You can get custom printed folders, stationary, and more, but if you don’t hand out too many of these items, attaching a label will definitely do the trick and be more cost effective. Also, some items might not be able to be custom printed, so labeling them may be the only way to leave your mark. Every time your client sees this label, they will most likely think of you, and when they need your services again they are more likely to get in touch with you, as they have your contact information close at hand.

Labels can be used in lieu of gift tags.
If you give out any freebies to customers or clients, such as a thank you present, you should put your label on it. Hopefully you are giving away something folks want to receive, so you want to ensure that they know where it came from. Gifts are a great way to show customers that you appreciate them, while demonstrating that your business is generous and gives more value; having your label on these gifts will keep reminding your customers of this, which should make them want to keep coming back for more.

Do you use labels as part of your marketing efforts? How do you use them to bring in more business?

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