Custom Greeting Card Printing Spreads Holiday Cheer

Another holly jolly holiday season is upon us. While some businesses deck the halls and hang their stockings with care sometime in October, others are just starting to realize this most festive time of year is actually underway. Regardless of what group you are in, it’s not too late to get in the spirit of […]

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Creative Envelope Printing

Envelopes: They don’t always have to be generic!

In an attempt to increase sales, companies have developed communications made for the masses. As a result, every piece of “junk mail” looks like the next. Today businesses are once again looking for ways personalize the communications experience using targeted messages, and many are turning to customized envelopes. These tools are the ideal way to […]

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Digital Printing

4 Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing is an ideal option for small to medium-sized businesses that want high-quality prints that can be customized to suit any need. And unlike alternatives, this method of printing ensures accuracy, so designs look same every time. As technology improves, options for paper stock, finishes, or other features will also continue to increase. Below […]

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Postcard Printing: Creative, Measureable Marketing

Although postcards are perfect for direct mail campaigns in Canada, they can also be used in a variety of ways to meet your marketing needs.  Because consumers are more likely to at least skim them than an email blast they didn’t actively subscribe to, businesses can use postcards to test and measure personalized marketing campaigns without […]

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Presentation Folder Printing

3 Advantages Presentation Folders Offer Your Business

Tight budgets tempt businesses to cut back on spending. But continuous cutting of costs limits what companies can accomplish–sometimes even stunting revenues. The best way to keep budgets in check is to find ways to multi-purpose resources without sacrificing quality or benefits. In the world of marketing, presentation folders are key. Perfect for companies of all […]

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Bright Silver Metallic, 60lb Semi-Gloss, 70lb Eggshell Roll Labels

Newprint Releases New Paper Options for Roll Labels!

If your business already uses roll labels, then you’ll be excited to hear Newprint now offers three new paper stocks. Choose from one of the following to add variety or style to your next prints. This means whatever you use roll labels on could end up looking like something unique and new. Bright Silver Metallic: This […]

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Bottle Label Design Ideas

Brilliant Bottle Labeling Solutions for Small Businesses: Roll Labels

You don’t have to be a large beverage manufacturer or vitamin magnate to have sharp, custom bottle labels. By using professionally printed, well-designed roll labels, you can have an attractive finished product that fits in on any shelf. While these can be used to instantly customize anything from water bottles at a special event to […]

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Cheap Door Hangers

4 Reasons Door Hangers Help Boost Sales

In today’s flashy age of electronic billboards and in-your-face advertising, it almost sounds strange for you to consider door hangers as part of your advertising strategy. But you should. If you’re on the fence about your next campaign, you should choose door hangers because they are: Interactive. Some might be turned off by a door hanger because it […]

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Science and Technology Museum Soiree

Newprint Supports the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Newprint is a proud sponsor of The Foundation, the philanthropic support for The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation. Benefiting three interesting and educational Ottawa Museums–the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum–this organization is helping these museums to realize their full potential as our nation’s premier […]

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10 Eye-Popping Creative Packaging Designs

In many cases, the packaging is the customer’s first impression of a product. This is why companies are constantly striving to outdo themselves, and create better, more aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly more eye-catching packaging to wow consumers. Below is a list of 10 creative packaging designs we thought were worth sharing. Nike Air From […]

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