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Quitting smoking is one of the hottest health topics out there. Everyone, even smokers, know how hazardous this habit really is, and everyone, especially smokers, knows how truly difficult it is to cut out this highly addictive activity.

Support for quitting smoking

Quitting Smoking Program Poster

For those wanting to quit, or even just thinking of quitting smoking, there are a lot of resources and support systems out there. Sure, there are some people who do okay by going cold turkey, but most people need a little extra help to keep them strong in their efforts. For some people, using patches, pharmaceuticals, and gums work. Others use hypnosis, motivational audio, exercise, and even support groups with other quitters to be successful.

Support from others can often be a big influencer in quitting successfully, but getting that support can be tough. For those surrounded by non-smokers, they may find their friends and family do not understand how difficult quitting is, and these non-smokers may not be as supportive and empathetic. Non-smokers probably don’t get why you don’t just go cold turkey. For those surrounded by smokers, quitting smoking can be especially hard if you are the only one who seriously wants to kick the habit.

There are other sources of support though, and often this comes from public organizations, like universities and health groups, and even the government. For instance, the City of Ottawa had a fantastic campaign a few years ago, and we where honoured to be a part of it, by printing you supportive posters to help give an extra push for people who want to quit.

There are all sorts of campaigns to support quitting smoking on the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. From reminding people of the risks to informing folks of the health benefits quitting offers, these campaigns can give someone wanting to quit the extra push they may need. These programs are often interactive; not only are these print campaigns with posters and other advertisements, but these are often also more interactive with websites and booklets filled with quizzes, tips, and activities to support efforts to quit smoking.

Quitting Smoking Poster

Learn more

To learn more about quitting smoking, even if you are located outside of Ottawa, we recommend visiting these resources: iSmoke, City of Ottawa, and Leave the Pack Behind. These are just three of the many resources available for quitting smoking, learning about big tobacco, and becoming aware of what your options are.

If you or your group is launching a campaign, whether related to quitting smoking or not, and you will be printing posters or creating other resources for your organization, feel free to contact Newprint. Our customer service team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about creating eye-catching, effective materials to help you get your message across.

Quitting smoking poster


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