Hang Tags: Tips and Tricks for Dynamic Design


Hang tags are a quick way to convey information on your products—whether they be clothing items, accessories, beauty products, toys, appliances, luggage, or just about anything else. It works for most items you sell and sometimes you can even create hang tags to attach to giveaways or gifts you send out to customers, colleagues, or even friends and family.

While it’s necessary to limit the information you place on these tags, you still have to be able to make an impact with these small but effective advertising materials through your design. You must remember that hang tags not only help drive retail sales, but they can also promote any special sales you’re holding or aid in introducing and promoting a specific image for a product line. If you’re using them for personal use, it puts your own mark on the gift you’re giving.

Hang Tags



Blow up the logo

Your logo has to be the star of your product tags. It’s even okay if you let it take up an entire side because this helps establish and deepen branding. The goal is for customers to take one look at your logo and associate that logo with the other products that carry your tags because you have made it recognizable by putting it in more places.

Hang Tags


Use colour consistently

Don’t be afraid to use colours, especially if you cater to a younger crowd—the brighter the better. But make sure you work within your brand’s colours and find variations of those shades that can work well. Your hang tags need to be consistent with your business after all and should look like they were thoughtfully chosen.

Hang Tags Hugo Boss


Make hang tags thematic

The design of your tags has to capture a theme related to your company. For example, they can feel trendy, social, sporty, classy, or sporty. If there is a sale going on, your tags can focus in on a discount—you should have tags done for when you sell items for a discounted price so customers will be able to identify which items are on sale.

Hang Tags Printing


Explore shapes and materials

Don’t be stuck on the idea that hang tags have to be rectangular in shape, but if that works for you, then don’t let us stop you. Experiment with shapes and different sizes in the design process. You can have tags with rounded edges or are circular. If you are selling surfing apparel or accessories, for example, you can have your product tags made in the iconic shape of a surfer dude. Just think of the images you relate to your brand and work with those.

You should even take into consideration the materials you use tie these tags to the products. Have them come in colours similar to the tags or be made out of different materials like opaque ribbon or hemp twine. Push your creative boundaries to make the tags more memorable and unique.

Hang Tags

Go high tech

If there are other things you’d want the potential customer to find out about the product but don’t have enough space on the hang tags, consider adding a QR code leading to the product’s page, or at the very least, add your website’s URL to the tags. This is an opportunity to interact with your customers and drive more traffic to your site. It’s a win-win situation.


With these handy tips, you’re well on your way to designing the perfect hang tag. You can get started working with a designer or taking advantage of the free design templates Newprint offers. As you get started, if you have inquiries about printing hang tags or other printed materials, contact Newprint. We are more than ready to assist you!


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