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4 Reasons Door Hangers Help Boost Sales

In today’s flashy age of electronic billboards and in-your-face advertising, it almost sounds strange for you to consider door hangers as part of your advertising strategy. But you should. If you’re on the fence about your next campaign, you should choose door hangers because they are:


Some might be turned off by a door hanger because it requires paying a person to go hang them. What they forget, though, is that if it takes a person to hang the advertisement, it also takes someone to make the effort to physically remove it. As a result, your target audience actually sees and interacts with your ad.Door hangers have returned higher and more immediate response rates, and are clearly more effective than leaving a stack of flyers somewhere and hoping that the right people pick one up.

Subtle yet attention grabbing.

In the art of commanding attention, there is a fine line between winning over potential customers and obnoxiously forcing your message into someone’s face. When you use door hangers, you can customize your message and create bold advertisements that are still subtle without looking desperate for attention.


If you are not yet 100% convinced, consider how versatile door hangers are. When you decide to end a campaign, leftover prints can be just as easily used as the flyers and handouts that you may currently be interested in printing. And depending on what you print on them, they can stretch through multiple campaigns.


Now that you know more about the advantages of door hangers, all you have to do is choose the right print shop to work with. With us, new quantities and turnaround times options have been added to give companies the support to print only what they need, when they need it. You can even choose next day delivery for those last minute jobs. We also offer free design templates to make creating your door hangers easier, and if you want something more custom our talented design team is here to help.

But it get’s even better! You will also receive a 10 percent discount off of your purchase this month. Visit to get started.

Who knows? Start off with 100 prints and you might come back for 50,000!

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