Envelopes: They don’t always have to be generic!

In an attempt to increase sales, companies have developed communications made for the masses. As a result, every piece of “junk mail” looks like the next. Today businesses are once again looking for ways personalize the communications experience using targeted messages, and many are turning to customized envelopes.

These tools are the ideal way to add the extra little touch to your outbound mail. They dress up thank you’s, indicate a level of importance, and create curiosity. Our new and improved options for envelopes printing will cover your communications for every occasion.

Here we introduce to you three brilliant ideas to try for your next order of custom envelopes:

  1. Simply Sophisticated. Here is where the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule is paramount. Start with your company logo and add a simple tag line. Perhaps even choose a material stock that is or complements your corporate colours. Then, most importantly, resist the urge to over-customize or -stylize. For example, limit yourself to a maximum of two fonts!  — ideally no more than one serif and/or one san-serif. If you prefer italics or bold, make sure you apply the same style to the entire text.

  • Impressively iconic. Sometimes using a well-known industry image can serve as a more memorable strategy. For example, if educators are your target customer, consider developing a unique image of a book or school building as part of your design. If you own a supermarket, play around the idea of a basket or cornucopia of fresh foods.

  • http://goo.gl/O7nXdj
  • Creative chic. The easiest way to create this look is by starting with something familiar — like your company logo. Use it as inspiration to brainstorm words, experiences, feelings, and ideas. Then piece together the most compelling items for your customer base to sketch out a fresh look.

  • http://goo.gl/Qk5RB4

    Whether you print clearly defined designs, bold splashes of colour, or abstract images on your envelopes, you will get noticed.

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