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Flyers and door hangers are fundamentals for marketing snow removal businesses

Snow Removal Doorhangers and Flyers

Marketing snow removal businesses isn’t something done continuously throughout the year because it doesn’t make sense. The best time to start advertising your snow removal business would be a few months before the first snowfall…like right now. By getting your company’s name out there ahead of time, those in need of your services will think of you as the natural choice for the job. Some simple yet effective advertising tools you can use are flyers, postcards, and door hangers.

Marketing snow removal businesses

Do not be afraid to be heavy with marketing snow removal during the weeks leading up to the beginning of the snow season. Have your flyers ready constantly, so you can hand them out to any potential customers now and throughout winter as well. Be especially aggressive when a snow storm is first forecasted and after the first snowfall. You can continue marketing snow removal services throughout the season, especially after each snowfall when folks will be wishing they had already contracted you for your services.

Beyond passing flyers to people you meet, you should make a marketing strategy. You need to spread the word so that as many potential customers as possible know you are out there. Target neighborhoods that make the most sense for you to promote yourself to and then get going before the snow starts falling.

Then you could start by making door hangers. As a marketing material, you hang these on doorknobs in the neighborhoods you want to work in. Because these are directly on a home’s doorknob, the resident almost can’t avoid your marketing message. As you go about marketing snow removal, you could also leave flyers at residences or mail postcards.

With flyers, you should take them into local businesses that have parking lots or any areas that are going to require snow removal. If the business is closed when you stop by to market snow removal services, you can leave a door hanger instead. Try to talk directly to business owners, managers, and other decision makers, however, as this personal interaction may make them more likely to want to work with you.

You should also employ the help of your loyal customers, friends, and business partners for marketing snow removal services, asking them to hand out flyers to their friends, family, and colleagues. In return, you should offer them discounts or free services in return for helping you promote your business.

Consider researching local clubs or groups or networking organizations. These places can be an excellent opportunity for handing out flyers and marketing your snow removal business.

By putting out flyers and door hangers, you put your business in the consciousness of the public. There is even greater benefit if you hand them out yourself or have people who work for you or know your business hand them out. Instead of just leaving behind a printed material, you will also be building rapport with potential customers and have more people contacting you to take advantage of your services.

Creating flyers and door hangers

Before you spread the word, marketing snow removal, you need to create the materials to do so. A flyer, postcard, or door hanger’s design is important. If the right elements aren’t present, it won’t be as persuasive of an advertising tool. There are a few elements that are essential to making a great flyer or door hanger for your business.

  • Consider your market. Is your snow-removal business going to cater to the residential or commercial market? If you are focusing on one or the other, be sure that your printed materials speak to this market. If you are going after both, any door hanger or flyer would need to speak to both of these markets, or you need to make two different sets of marketing materials.
  • Prepare a compelling image or catchy phrase to make your flyer attention-grabbing. This could be your logo, a slogan, or a something quick and fun. Of course a big discount or other special offer can also capture the attention of new customers.
  • Highlight the services you offer. Include any additional services your customers can request, such as sidewalk shoveling or salting. Just make sure you indicate that these are add-ons or other types of service, and not part of a basic package.
  • Add your payment structure (i.e. per trip, per month, or even per season) and payment methods. This lets potential customers see that you are indeed offering a good deal, as they can compare your rates to their current service provider. Include text about any special rates or discounts you might have.
  • List credentials like awards received, testimonials of satisfied customers, as well as memberships to professional organizations. This shows that you do good work and are a true professional.
  • Include a “call to action” reminder. Tell people to contact you, and add a sense of urgency. Remind people of the upcoming snow season or an early-bird discount you are offering.
  • Remember to keep the design neat though and include basics. Make use of readable type and have white space. Don’t leave out basics such as your name, areas you serve, your business’ location, contact details, and website. Do leave out some of the other information mentioned if you run out of space or if your flyer or door hanger is looking cluttered. As you are marketing snow removal services, you won’t get new customers if they can’t understand your flyer or don’t know how to get in touch.

Aside from the text, graphic design and print quality is something you should consider for marketing snow removal. Having your flyers and door hangers professionally designed and commercially printed would be a good investment. Of course, time is of the essence so you may not want to wait for a designer to create something for you, or your marketing budget may not have room for graphics. Using the free design templates for flyers and door hangers from Newprint may be the solution for good looking, effective materials for marketing snow removal services that are quick and cost effective, so you can begin marketing snow removal before the flakes start to fall.

Contact us today to learn more. We are here to answer any questions you have about your flyer and door hanger printing and design needs.

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