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Hang Tags: 20 Examples to Glorify Your Product

You may think hang tags aren’t very useful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The hang tag of your product is often the first thing a customer will look for when they see your product. Of course it’s your beautiful product that will catch their eye, but if the tag they read doesn’t live up to the expectation that the product has set, they might just put it down and move on. A hang tag is not just a barcode, price and brand name, it’s so much more. It’s what gives your product an identity, a personality, and life. The tag can blow minds, or at least change them.

Here are a few examples of inspiring hang tags that would catch and keep a consumer’s eye.

This lingerie brand knew their brand and decided to go with the floral pattern on their tags to give a simplistic yet elegant look. The thin pink ribbon in the back and the silk ribbon handle add to this look and gives the brand a high-end, elegant feel.

These wine bottle tags were used at a forest-themed wedding. The forest theme is reflected not only in the design of the tags but in the chosen paper as well. The minimalistic components of nature in the background give off a subtle forest theme and the paper has a textured surface, perhaps reflecting an uneasy ground or another rigid part of nature.

These tags not only reflect the product and its brand, but they do it with a clever visual trick. At first glance these tags are in the shape of a honey bee, but look again and you’ll see a honey comb, too! Customers appreciate tricks like these and can sometimes be the deciding factor in them choosing one brand over another.

These adorable little hang tags are a perfect example of what we call a die cut hang tag. Die cutting is when a print is cut out in any shape you’d like. If you’re interested in getting die cut hang tags click here to submit a custom order.

These hang tags are not only fashionably layered but they also mix the use of paper and fabric printing. This brand chose well to reflect their handcrafted merchandise in having a layered tag with fabric and paper that reflects that rustic feel.

These tags have a bit of a different look than the others. Although the design is minimalistic, you can tell it fits the brand. When you’re buying jam, you want to know it’s pure and fresh, and the design of these hang tags gives uses white space to give off that impression. The twine used could remind one of farming, home, or small town life. It’s a comforting reminder and the consumer will assume quality thanks to the way the label was designed and placed.

These hang tags look more traditional to best reflect the brand. This brand uses a rustic feel to appear vintage. What may tie this whole tag together is the thick string used on the top, which really tops off the vintage feel they’re going for.

Here we have a very simple hang tag featuring just the brand logo and a small floral design in the corner. This flower arrangement company brands themselves as very earthy as it illustrated by the nature tones they work with. Twine once again reflects that successfully.

These very basic hang tags don’t define the brand the way the others do. The brand personality for this photographer can be seen on the box’s label which gives the customer all the information needed. The hang tag in this situation plays a very important role in the brand’s identity. If this box only had the label with the info on it that would be fine, they would know who took their pictures. But, a simple touch of string and a friendly “enjoy” change everything. This makes it seem like a gift they’re receiving and even if it only makes them smile once, they won’t forget it and definitely won’t forget the brand.

These, once again die cut, layered hang tags are very cute use their simple shape to reflect the brand. Creativity like this is so simple but so effective as well. Customers appreciate simple references like this and remember the uniqueness that sets these tags apart from basic alternatives.

Sometimes you don’t have to create something new to be effective and creative, as these hang tags effectively convey. They feature only the product logo and the kind of jam. Simple enough, right? What ties this all together is the consistency in having the tags be the same colour as the jam itself.

The classic gift tag look featured here goes very well with the timing that they were used. Gifts between loves ones are part of what can define the holiday season making this label the perfect shape. The actual design on the sticker used is also perfect for the holidays due to the candy cane border and the red background which ties together the holiday theme.

These hang tags are also a great example of using stickers to create your tags. You can order Roll Labels or Cut Sheet Labels from!

A stark elegance highlights the simplicity of this tag’s design. The overall figure of the “Moon Fox” is readily apparent through the use of various individual shapes. An intricate use of the previously mentioned die cut method coupled with a card stock which effectively conveys the mystery and depth of this brand.

A deep black topped with a mix of vibrant greens displays the depth of this brand of organic fusion teas. The intricate combinations of tea leaves brought together to form a “W” are contrasted by a simple yet effective title line. Finally, a gradual size increase from the top of the tag naturally draws the eye towards the shape and title.

These tags demonstrate the hang tag’s potential to convey a lot of information in a small amount of space, and they look good doing it. The basic designs of objects are clear enough to be recognizable and minimalistic enough to take up as little space as possible allowing for effectively empty background. All of this allows the tag to feature the roast level, recommended equipment to use, best before date, and more. The colours contrast well with each other and the designs maintain their modern simplicity throughout – reflecting the brand’s very same personality.

Almost resembling an elegant business card, these tags convey quality, and taste. The well-made fabric replaces a rope to attach the tag and reflects the kind of quality the customer can expect. A simple border surrounds the cursive logo and a small separation highlights the website. Inside, the tag features easy to read text and repeats the logo to reassure the brand.

What makes these tags stand out is the writing. Each tag features a phrase that acts as both a reflection of how the product makes the consumer feel, and a title. This adds true excitement and intrigue to an already vibrant tag. Although these hang tags are a traditional rectangular shape, the content on it gives them true value.

These simple hang tags have a perfect contrast to their products. Handmade items from New York design company Canvas June make the earthy brown of the tag pop. A simple typography puts the finishing touch on this alluring tag. This tag serves more as a souvenir and an enticement to shop further with Canvas June than an additional pull like in-store tags.

These calendar tags by graphic designer Mitch De Guzman bring a “free gift” feel to any product they adorn. Faded and well arranged, each tag features a month calendar, information about the month, and any important dates within. A tag that can be kept, displayed and even used goes so much further than just a draw – it’s a souvenir that is a constant reminder of your product.

Featured here is a beautiful landscape and the small, yet recognizable figure of a boarder traversing the terrain. Eidon, the outdoor clothing company behind these tags, makes good use of the landscape contrast to highlight both the brand name, and the product name. Along with this, the stylistically coloured shapes serve as an effective and unique way to highlight the products benefits.

A classic, historical theme highlights these tags. The front and rear tags feature effectively contrasting colours. Each tag features a vertical logo that allows consistency while the image remains unique. A bold white border makes the image colours pop and the back tags fading background texts draw the eye all around the tag.

If these hang tags helped you decide what kind you’d like to print, why wait any longer? Click Here to get started on your amazing custom hang tags for your amazing product!

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