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Newprint Releases New Paper Options for Roll Labels!

If your business already uses roll labels, then you’ll be excited to hear Newprint now offers three new paper stocks. Choose from one of the following to add variety or style to your next prints. This means whatever you use roll labels on could end up looking like something unique and new.

  • Bright Silver Metallic: This label offers a balance for companies that want an eye-catching package that doesn’t become an eyesore.
  • Classic 60lb Semi Gloss: This sturdy label shows off a soft sheen for products that may not be in direct view, but do catch the light.
  • Sophisticated 70lb Eggshell Felt: This durable label is a great alternative to the popular white background labels. Depending on the color of the product or packaging, a gentler colour can create a more attractive overall package.
For those who have not yet tried them, roll labels are ideal for bumper stickers, product labels, warnings, and more. These tools are especially favoured because they make packaging redesign quick, easy, and worry free — a go-to for small to medium sized companies and new product launches in general. And they are so simple to order and use, it’s no surprise they’re so popular! Check out our roll label options today, and ask our customer service specialists if you have any questions.

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