10 exclusive playing cards designs

The art in playing cards designs

Playing cards designs have been with us since the 14th century, when they first became a part of popular culture. Over the centuries superb artwork, graphic design and self-expression has been hidden within packs of cards. Here we bring to light and admire these miniature treasures.

Student spotlight : Whimsical Playing Cards Collectors Series

“This is a single deck of 54 cards and logo design by me appeared. Design files, diamonds, hearts and spades instead of using symbols to understand the symbols has been to create new symbols. Based on the concept of logo design that I created whimsical illustrations have identified and encouraged. In general, a certain lineart made using the technique of vector based graphics language that supported the program. Take time to complete the printed version of the design lasted 3 months”.

Graphic Design and Art Direction by Oksal Yesilok, Istanbul


The Artisan Collector’s Edition

“The Artisan Collector’s Edition contains four decks sealed inside of a laser etched, wood engraved box.”

These premium, luxury playing cards feature elegant gold foil hot stamped onto ultra-lux black paper derived from sustainable forests. They’re sealed with a red tax-stamp, vintage sticker seal marked with the exact month and year of print. Available at theory11.”

Designed By: Simon Frouws.


Archangels – Bicycle Playing Cards

Check out the latest design from Tom Lane aka. Ginger Monkey on Archangels – Bicycle Playing Cards

“The good people at Theory11 got in touch last year after spotting my work on the Behance network, particularly the Heston Brumenthal cookbook I helped develop a few years ago. The Theory11 team gave me free rein to devise a concept for the deck design. I anchored my approach around the idea of a battle between angels and demons over the power of the night and day.

As is often the case I knew I wanted to push the detail and visual story to the limits. I also used this opportunity to explore my ink drawing technique meaning the vast majority of these designs started off hand-drawn, and were digitized later once approved. The process to create all the artwork, which went through a few rounds for each piece, took around 6 months on & off to complete.”

Designed By: Ginger Monkey, Bristol UK


CMYK Playing Cards

“CMYK Playing Cards,  brilliantly stripping away all the heritage and history of good playing card design, we’ve removed everything we could, The suits have been swapped for the printer’s choice of ink: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, and the design on the back created from the kind of utilitiarian registration marks and checks usually never seen by the public.”

Clever, simple and as easy as ever to use – the cards are coloured by different opacities of ink, creating an amazing gradient when fanned out in your hand during that tense print-ready poker game…

Designed By: Hundredmillion, UK


Love Me Playing Cards

The newest addition to the Love Me campaign – the Love Me Playing Cards. Playing cards hand illustrated by artist Curtis Kulig. Inspired by his iconic campaign in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.
Kulig’s art has been featured in gallery shows around the world, and Curtis has since collaborated with Converse, HBO, Nike, and Shepard Fairey.

Available at (www.theory11.com) for $6.95 a deck. – the perfect Valentines day gift.


JAQK Signature Playing Cards

“JAQK Signature Playing Cards combine distinctive contemporary design with the peerless quality theory11 is known for. The tuck case is an elegant mix of red metallic elements on soft touch French paper.”

Designed by: (www.theory11.com)


Theory 11’s Robocycle Playing Cards


Monarch Playing Cards

Monarchs have a vintage, timeless air to them that is unlike any other:

“The tuck case is printed in gold foil on an embossed, soft-touch navy blue card stock. Designed and produced in the USA using renewable energy sources, printed on Q1 quality stock with our signature Premium 909 Finish.

Monarch Playing Cards express elegance, clarity, and pride. We didn’t want to settle with adequate or even greatness – we wanted perfection, with an uncompromising eye for quality and durability. These playing cards, and the tuck case, are fit for a king. The back design is truly a masterpiece.”

Designed by Neighborhood Studio


Rockwell Playing Cards

“A deck of cards inspired by the typeface Rockwell. Each card has a symbol that is created from the letters in the font.”

Designed by Gloria Wu


52 Types Deck of Cards

The 52 Types of playing cards was created as a quick reference tool for designers.

“Each card is designed with its own font. Ace through jack shows the majority of each font’s family while ten through two was given a more radial design. The cards were designed to still be used as a traditional deck of cards while doubling as a cherished item by designers. This project was accompanied with a poster showing the entire deck. Earlier this year it was awarded with a Golden Addy in San Diego’s local round.”

Designed by Adam Bauer

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