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Check Out These Stunning Realistic 3D Drawings!

The Stunning, Realistic 3D Drawings of JJK Airbrush

Everyone at NewPrint will tell you that paper is pretty great! As a premier printing company for over 30 years, we have worked with a lot of paper and know the medium really well. Over the years, we’ve created some unique, exciting, and striking projects with a bit of paper, a little ink, and a lot of know-how. Some of our projects really wow, but some of our best work pales in comparison to the realistic 3D drawings we found online. It’s the work of JJK Airbrush, a Dutch artist whose real name is Ramon Bruin.

We recently stumbled across a slideshow of JJK Airbrush’s realistic 3D drawings (, and now we just can’t get enough—one of us spent all afternoon at JJK Airbrush’s website ( looking at his realistic 3D drawings! After everyone here got a gander at his work, we just had to share!

Ramon Bruin’s work is truly impressive. Our designers are in awe of the style, creativity, and the incredible skill that goes into making art work like this! Using paper and pencil, he has mastered shade, perspective, and other artistic elements to create realistic 3D drawings that will surprise and delight. Art like this is just part of the possibilities with paper!

One of our favourites, is the adorable “Monkeytrouble” pictured below. If you head over to the JJK Airbrush website and take a gander at the website, please let us know in the comments: which piece was your favourite? Or do you have another favourite artist who creates awesome 3D art that we just need to know about?

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