Rihanna Ottawa sens jersey

From Alfie to Rihanna, Ottawa senators’ heritage jersey designed by our very own local designer is showcased by many.  [quote style=”boxed”]Any uniform begins with the logo. It’s sort of the engine of the uniform, if you will. For example, you seldom see a traditional logo mixed with an over-the-top, modern-looking uniform or vice versa. Those who try that usually fail miserably.” -Jacob Barrette[/quote]

“By now, nearly every Icethetics reader knows his name. In 2008, JACOB BARRETTE took up the cause of fixing the Ottawa Senators’ third jersey. The team’s design was widely panned and in a ranking conducted on Icethetics last year, it finished 89th out of 90 NHL uniforms.

His push to convince the team to break out a Heritage Jersey won immense support from fans — and eventually — the club itself. This fall, the Senators finally opted to redesign their alternate uniform and enlisted Barrette in that undertaking.”

Adele: “Must be a pretty cool feeling to see one of the most famous people on earth wear ur logo!?”

Jacob: “haha you bet ” “My goal, the reason why I did all this initially, was to be able to wear one. Simple as that. Having heard from so many that they feel the same way, my goal has now shifted to have everyone who want one be able to get one. I would happily walk into the Sens Store, purchase an Alfredsson jersey, put it on, not say anything to anyone and regain my seat to watch the game.”

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